All my products are one of a kind, just like people

There is a taste that can only be understood with time. There is heat that can only be transferred by using it. From design to production to the end, one manufacturer puts all his heart into creating things. This is the spirit of Keerill.

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Due to the situation in the Russian Federation, I cannot accept payments and guarantee delivery of goods outside of Russia!
Thanks for understanding!

The beholder is made of delicate Italian skin of a young calf of vegetable tanning without coating and staining.

Completely handmade!

SILB 200625 001 thumbs

Manual seam, that is, stitch by stitch by hand, without the use of a sewing machine.

SILB 200625 002 thumbs

The size is suitable for banknotes of 500 euros.

SILB 200625 003 thumbs

Gummed cuts with glossy paint (ends).

SILB 200625 004 thumbs

The color of the image may not coincide with the real one, due to shooting conditions, differences in image output devices and properties of some skin types, which have a different hue under different lighting conditions.

100% genuine Italian leather, which is characterized by a natural full grainy surface, which is clearly visible because the skin remains in its natural state without any finish.

SILB 200625 005

The basis of Russian tough genuine leather of vegetable tanning.

  • Price: $ 55