All my products are one of a kind, just like people

There is a taste that can only be understood with time. There is heat that can only be transferred by using it. From design to production to the end, one manufacturer puts all his heart into creating things. This is the spirit of Keerill.

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Due to the situation in the Russian Federation, I cannot accept payments and guarantee delivery of goods outside of Russia!
Thanks for understanding!

A roomy bag made of strong genuine leather will help you out for many years!

Completely handmade without the use of punching molds. Manual stitch, that is, I sew stitch by stitch by hand, without using a sewing machine.

Only genuine leather!

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  • panels made of cattle leather, crazy horse, made in Russia, 1.5 mm thick;
  • side parts and belt made of vegetable-tanned cattle leather made in Russia, 2.4 mm thick;
  • vegetable-tanned cattle leather base 3.5+ thick.

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Edges are finished with Italian wax paint.

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  • alloy, gilding;
  • pure brass belt buckle;
  • buttons are pure brass.

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Trencilo thread 1 mm, Spain - high quality and reliable.

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Dimensions approx:

  • length 55 cm / 21.5 in;
  • width 30 cm / 12 in;
  • height without handles 24 cm / 9.5 in.

Weight approximately 2.3 kilograms.

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For your money, you get a reliable bag made of quality materials.

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Packing in a cotton bag without a box (the box dramatically increases the weight of the parcel and I am saving nature).

5 years warranty for all materials.

  • Price: $ 314