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There is a taste that can only be understood with time. There is heat that can only be transferred by using it. From design to production to the end, one manufacturer puts all his heart into creating things. This is the spirit of Keerill.

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Crazy horse leather beholder wallet.

Completely handmade. Manual seam, that is, stitch by stitch by hand, without the use of a sewing machine.

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Russian-made leather with a thickness of 1 - 1.3 mm is used.

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Folded dimensions approx: width 115 mm, height 110 mm, thickness 20 mm.

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Crazy Horse is a durable, high quality leather, usually of cattle (although the name is not necessarily a horse). This skin is characterized by its aging effect. An interesting effect is formed due to a special treatment: a mixture of waxes with a high melting point and special additives are applied to the sanded sheet of leather by heating.

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After processing in this way, the leather becomes darker than it was originally. As a result, Crazy Horse leather changes color where it is kinked, bent or pulled. In these places, the skin becomes lighter.

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Vintage is the main feature of this leather. Traces and scratches easily appear on Crazy Horse's skin. But this should not bother you, as scratches, scuffs and a unique pattern from bends give it an antique and vintage effect. This is where the vintage look comes in and the product takes on an exclusive design. With such "patterns" as yours, no one will have such a product. Scratches can be easily removed if desired. To do this, just wipe this place with a soft cloth. Over time, crazy horse leather regains its original appearance a little, scratches become less noticeable. Such leather is easily darkened by rubbing with the help of a felt wheel, even without adding wax.

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Crazy Horse leather is quite soft, elastic, smooth, without shine. The skin is very pleasant to tactile sensations.

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Crazy Horse leather goods have an expensive appearance - one glance is enough to appreciate them. They look elite, exclusive, very solid.

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This is your successful investment of capital.

  • Price: $ 48