How to make an order

First you need to clearly understand what you want.

  1. If the necessary product is ready-made, then the further procedure does not differ from the same on thousands of online stores and you can go to step 5.
  2. If the product is not on sale, then you should not be upset - you buy the product, and I make it in one to two weeks, depending on the workload, and send it to you. You can also go to step 5.
  3. Even if you don't like the color of threads or leather, as well as the style, then there is a way out of the situation: you ask a question in the feedback form and describe what you would like, what color, and so on. Next, I will send you a request by e-mail and send you a sketch. If you like it, then, if the materials are available, I immediately begin the process of creating the product. If the necessary materials are not available, the delivery of materials will take some time and the manufacturing process will increase. The creation process will require some effort on both sides, but it will be rewarded with a unique thing that no one else in the world has.
  4. If you have a product or do not need to make any changes to the sample, you can immediately proceed to purchase.
  5. There is an opportunity to make a guest order on the site, however I recommend registering anyway, as this provides certain advantages: an opportunity to view the purchase history, to always be up to date with the news, there is no need to enter your address each time you purchase, and so on.
  6. Next, you need to carefully check the quantity of products and your delivery address.
  7. In the next step, you will be directed to a Yandex.Money secure payment gateway. You can pay with a Yandex.Money account or not. There will be a link on the Yandex.Money page to return back to my store.
  8. After sending the product, I will send you the track number, and it will also appear in your payment gateway account, if you are registered.

I hope you enjoy my items.