Buffalo leather zipper wallet

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Large zipper wallet made of genuine thick buffalo leather

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For a long time I wanted to make a wallet with a unique juicy, large texture of natural adult buffalo leather.

The thickness of the outer part made of leather with a thickness of 4 millimeters was reduced in places so that we still managed to assemble this product.

The inside of a wild buffalo calf.

The weight only adds to the solidity of this product.

A convenient wallet that includes compartments for a passport, driver's documents, 12 credit cards and a bill compartment.

The section for banknotes holds a size of 500 euros.

The peculiarity of this wallet is that it will not leave anyone indifferent even at the first touch to it.

Completely handmade. Manual cutting with a knife. Hand cut patterns without cutting forms. Loose layers of skin are removed.

Hand painted and patina.

Hand stitch, that is, stitch by stitch by hand, without the use of a sewing machine. Deep waxing with wax from the famous Bashkir bees.

The edges are finished with Italian paint.

Japanese locks #5 from the famous manufacturer YYK.

The wallet will serve the happy owner for many years.

The warranty period is 10 years.

Free shipping.

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